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How to Catch a Cheater: Best Apps to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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Best Apps to Catch a Cheating Spouse

If you are on this page now, you are probably looking for ways to catch your cheating spouse red-handed, ensure your child is safe, or keep tabs on your employees. Whatever goal you pursue, there is a good offer for you. 

A specially designed phone spy app allows you to track GPS location, phone calls, messages, search queries, etc. But, most importantly, your spouse, child, or employee will never guess about being tracked because such apps work in stealth mode. So, if you need this solution, it’s time to check out the best apps on the market and make your wise choice.

Best Apps to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Top 5 Android spy apps for catching a cheating spouse

There are so many spying apps on the market today that it is not so easy for a potential client to choose. Therefore, you should learn about features, pros and cons, and other users’ experiences to compare and find the best Android spy software. So, this is what we will do now!


Best for: Basically, mSpy is chosen for parental control, but it is equally suitable for a spouse’s cell phone.

Best features: The app’s outstanding features are a keylogger, comprehensive parental controls, social network monitoring, and keyword alerts.

Best choice
5 / 5.0
Money back:
30 days

mSpy is the leading parental control app worldwide, which provides you with the tools to closely monitor and ensure that your children are safe online. Founded in 2010, the company has satisfied customers in more than 150 countries, including concerned parents, employers, and spouses. Finally, a few more proofs that the solution is worth considering are bank-grade security and non-stop implementation of the latest technological innovations.

  • Installation

Installing this spy app does not require technical skills. All in all, the process took me 10 minutes. So, first of all, I disabled Google Play Protect. Next, I downloaded the app, and finally, the installation was completed in a few clicks.

Rooting is necessary to use the mSpy functionality to the fullest. You can see incoming messages, but only outgoing messages are available to you without it.

  • Is MSPY invisible?

Unlike some other Android spy apps, mSpy does not appear as an icon on the target mobile phone. Besides, I noticed that it is disguised in the Android service data. Therefore, an average user cannot identify the program on their device.

  • What I liked the most

For me, MSPY is the best for remote control. For example, to restart the application, it is enough to send the “777” message to the target device, invisible to the phone owner. As soon as I did this, my son’s cell phone appeared on my dashboard again. 

  • mSpy technical support

As for technical support, the MSPY team provides assistance instantly 24/7 via e-mail or chat, and their competence is beyond doubt. Moreover, the operators are always polite and patient. Moreover, MSPY offered me a 15% discount on the purchase.

  • Price

I paid $ 25.50 a month for the basic tariff since the provider offered a 15% discount. In general, the initial price for this package of services is $ 29.99 a month.

  • My general impression

I liked this spy app because of the expanded set of functions and ease of use. Another important thing for me is reliable and competent technical support. Luckily, with mSpy, it is easy to get help whenever I need it. And finally, the tool met all my monitoring expectations.

Best mSpy features


This mechanism records keystrokes on the target device. Hence, you will instantly know every click, conversation, and download. And, of course, the mSpy keylogger works so that your spouse or child does not know that you are watching.

So, choosing the Keylogger option in the mSpy menu, I see: 

  • a list of installed apps (which you can filter in the settings) 
  • text entered from the target device’s keyboard 
  • the time when messages were sent or search queries entered

Comprehensive parental controls

The parental control app allows parents to monitor media files and block websites/applications. In this way, they can limit their children’s interaction with potentially harmful content and strangers.

Social network monitoring

mSpy will not leave unnoticed any message on social networks WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Telegram, Viber, Instagram, and others. So, with a user-friendly interface, you see the content of messengers on the target mobile phone just like on your device.

Keyword alerts

This option will notify you when the target user enters a specific phrase or word. First, you should enter a keyword in a particular field, such as drugs, alcohol, or something like that. After that, you will start receiving e-mail notifications about using these words in the search engine or instant messengers.

mSpy pros:

  • absolutely invisible on the target
  • ease of use for all users
  • fast, competent, 24/7 technical support
  • intuitive dashboard
  • a wide range of functions for remote control

mSpy cons:

  • requires physical access to the target cell phone for installation
  • rooting is necessary for full use


Overall, mSpy is an excellent solution for me as I got a lot of beneficial features. Every potential user can be sure of the smooth operation of this hidden cheating app. In addition, I can safely say that the product is worth the money. However, if mSpy seems expensive, you can choose a mobile spying app with fewer features.


Best for: Best New Parental Control Application For iOs and Android

Best features: Information on the apps used is updated every 5 minutes. In addition, you can see in real-time which application is active on the target. Among other standout features are a GPS tracking system and a user-friendly dashboard.

4.9 / 5.0
Money back:
20 days

uMobix is ​​an online parental control solution launched in 2020 in Hungary. A feature of the service is that parents must obtain consent from children for monitoring. Also, the provider insists on using the application only for ethical purposes. On the other hand, appropriate use makes spy apps legal. Anyway, the responsibility for using the program lies with the client.

  • Installation

The software installation took 20 minutes with Google Play Protect deactivated. However, in the process, there were some difficulties with setting permissions. Besides, the deactivated Google Play Protect continued to send warnings about dangers.

Rooting is unnecessary since most of the features work on a non-rooted phone.

  • Is uMobix invisible?

I had to turn off Google notifications to make the app invisible.

  • What I liked the most

First of all, I liked the ability to adjust the duration of the synchronization. Although the standard syncing frequency is 10 minutes, you can set it to 5 minutes. In this way, you track the target user almost in real-time. What also surprised me is that the provider allows Android phones to monitor Facebook Messenger, text messages, and call history without rooting.

  • uMobix technical support

When I needed technical support, the operators did not respond. Therefore, I cannot judge the speed of processing customer requests and the quality of assistance.

  • Price

I was given an already registered user. But on the provider’s official website, it is indicated that the service costs $49.99 per month. Still, when purchasing an annual subscription, the price is $11.66 per month.

  • My general impression

Basically, uMobix features work well. Even though I lacked Geofence, the GPS tracker performs flawlessly with regular updates and accurate location with coordinates. Moreover, it shows the apps the target uses and the people they message and call the most.

Best uMobix features


Having opened the dashboard, you will see a stream tab. Just click and see how the stream starts from the target device. Moreover, there is a function to select the stream from the back or front camera. Thus, you know about everything that happens in real-time while the child or spouse does not know about it. The same feature is available with audio to keep track of phone surroundings.

GPS location tracker

I can see the target device’s location with the exact latitude and longitude coordinates when I open the GPS Location tab. Also, I can find out where my child has been before, having Google Maps right here.

Deleted info viewing

With uMobix, your child or spouse cannot hide anything since all deleted contacts, calls, and messages are available on your cell phone. What’s more, the software marks deleted data so that the user does not miss anything. In addition, this information is stored in user space for at least three months. 

Try mSpy for free

So, when I open deleted contacts, I can see the phone number, name, date, and time of deletion. As for calls, in addition to names, there is the call duration and the time it started. 

uMobix pros:

  • Google Maps support makes the application more convenient
  • access to data that has been deleted
  • adjustable sync frequency
  • access to many features without rooting
  • shows which apps are online on the target device

uMobix cons:

  • no remote install
  • high battery consumption
  • no geofence
  • no calendar
  • pictures are not fullscreen


uMobix is a good cell phone tracker because it provides many extra options and opportunities for monitoring. Besides that, I like knowing when apps open and close, where the target device is precisely, and the high-quality video playback.

However, some things could be improved. Sometimes, I could not see the browser history, photos/videos, and contacts. Also, unfortunately, I experienced lags in the keylogger.


Best for: The app is designed for tracking family members and monitoring location history.

Best features: One of eyeZy’s best features for comprehensive target user monitoring is the Keystroke Capture and Social Spotlight.

4.8 / 5.0
Money back:
10 days

EyeZy is an affordable spying app that offers superior tracking features. The provider started operations in 2021 and is headquartered in Cyprus. 

EyeZy is a good value for money and, therefore, is suitable for tracking employees in large corporations and monitoring a child or spouse’s cell phone. Also, artificial intelligence improves the quality of functions, and, as a result, users get more accurate reports.

  • Installation

Installation on an Android phone takes about 10 minutes. It requires the Google Play Protect deactivation and physical access to the target device. 

eyeZy works well on a non-rooted phone. On the other hand, if you want to take advantage of more features, you will need to root your device.

  • Is eyeZy invisible?

Activated Invisible Shield makes the app icon hidden on the target phone.

  • What I liked the most

What impresses me the most is how this Android spy app retrieves data from the target cell phone. Therefore, whether you purchased the product for catching a cheating spouse or controlling a child, you will receive all the information you need. For example, I saw call logs, emails, notes, photos, and even reminders immediately after installation. Since the dashboard is well-structured and visually pleasing, all content is easily perceived.

  • Eyezy technical support

Perhaps this is the only thing I would like to improve in the eyeZy services. For example, when I had a billing issue and needed help, I used the live chat on the official website to contact operators. But instead of assistance, the website gave me an email ticket, but I still couldn’t get help. So finally, after subscribing, I turned to a live agent and ensured the expertise of technical support.

  • Price

Unlike other apps, eyeZy offers one plan that you can pay for monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Since I just wanted to try out the product, I ordered the monthly plan, costing $47.99. 

  • My general impression

My experience with Eyezy has been positive. First of all, this is due to the ease of 10-minute installation and use. Secondly, the tool is not inferior to others in terms of functionality.

However, while Eyezy is available for both Android and iOS devices, there are limitations for Android owners. Thus, you can only install the app on Android 4.0+ and up.

Best eyeZy features

Keystroke Capture

Keystroke Capture includes a keylogger and a screen recorder. So, when I go to the keylogger tab, I see all the words typed in social networks, browser, messages, etc. Also, using the option to filter applications, I can choose from which to receive information.

Another feature for tracking is a screen recorder. With it, I saw the recorded screen of the target whenever this or that application was opened. As with the keylogger, I could also filter screen recordings based on programs.

Social Spotlight

Suppose you are looking for tracker apps to monitor a cheating wife or kid’s social media content. In that case, eyeZy is perfect for you.

Of the features that struck me, this is access to deleted messages. In addition, I can confidently say that this works smoothly because I intentionally deleted the message and thus checked the functionality.

I also have good news for CEOs because you can track an employee’s Gmail account. But keep in mind that account tracking is more accurate with rooting.

Try mSpy for free

Other app options include tracking the secret conversation feature in Facebook Messenger. Therefore, if your partner uses this to hide an illicit relationship, you will know about it instantly. The same goes for Instagram DM, where eyeZy tracks private messages from Instagram.

eyeZy pros:

  • tracking deleted messages
  • extremely accurate GPS tracker
  • intuitive interface
  • remote blocking of apps and sites
  • smooth keylogger operation

eyeZy cons:

  • sync could be faster
  • does not record phone calls


Despite some shortcomings of eyeZy as a phone tracker app, it is ideal for invisible spying. I recommend this product because I got a good set of functions for comprehensive tracking of the target user, including detailed information on messengers and GPS tracking.

While you won’t find eyeZy among the free Android spy apps, I don’t think it is an expensive solution.


Best for: Spyzie is one of the leading spy apps to catch a cheating spouse, track an employee, or monitor a child online.

Best features: There’s a Geofence Alert feature that some other providers don’t have. Also, Spyzie notifies the user when the target’s SIM has changed, which is essential because users often change SIM cards to hide something.

4.6 / 5.0
Money back:
15 days

Spyzie is a solution that has been on the market since 2007. This provider is distinguished by a responsible attitude to user security, introducing updates to the tool, and supportive client care 24/7. Perhaps thanks to all these benefits, more than a million people from 190 countries currently use Spyzie services.

  • Installation

The installation takes about 10 minutes, but due to poor Internet, synchronization on my phone took some time.

The availability of features is slightly dependent on rooting, so you should root your phone if you need extra features.

  • Is Spyzie invisible?

It is a 100% hidden app.

  • What I liked the most

The benefit for me is connecting multiple devices so I can easily track my spouse and child simultaneously.

  • Spyzie technical support

When I stopped seeing calls and messages, I contacted customer support via email. However, the operators did not respond to any of my letters.

  • Price

I chose the Premium plan to test almost all the features. So, it cost me $49.99.

  • My general impression

As for me, the application is easy to use and navigate. However, the 30-minute sync interval seems long compared to competitor products. Also, the technical support service was a big disappointment to me.

Best Spyzie features

Geofence Alert

You can set prohibited zones on the virtual map and then receive alerts when your child or spouse’s device leaves those zones. In addition to the fact that you can create as many of these forbidden zones as you like, you see the device’s movement in real-time.

SMS Tracking

Notably, Spyzie doesn’t show you a list of text messages; instead, you get a chat view. In addition, a timestamp is attached to each message. It’s also worth noting that, unlike other solutions, Spyzie may not display messages that were immediately deleted by the target.

Spyzie pros:

  • simple and fast installation
  • geofences allow more control
  • no need for rooting

Spyzie cons:

  • poor level of technical support
  • the basic plan could include more features
  • services for Android and iOS devices are different


With its basic features, this application can catch a cheater or monitor a child just as well as a more feature-rich application. However, if you need technical assistance, there is a chance that no one will help you.


Best for: Cocospy is used to catch a cheater and monitor employees or children.

Best features: The phone tracker app offers a detailed call log, which the program automatically archives

4.5 / 5.0
Money back:
10 days

Cocospy is an online remote surveillance software founded in 2018 in the USA. The solution is in great demand since it is used in North and South America, European countries, India, and Australia. Even though the original goal of the development was the parent control app, it is equally suitable for other purposes.

  • Installation

The easy installation of this spying app takes no longer than the others.

There is no need to root the device.

  • Is Cocospy invisible?

The program works in stealth mode.

  • What I liked the most

If you want to know what programs the target uses, you can access installed apps without any problems. For this, click the “Applications” tab, where you can block suspicious applications too.

  • Cocospy technical support

I needed help with one of the functions, so I asked for support in the online chat. However, I received an answer in an hour, which means the slow processing of customer requests.

  • Price

My subscription costs $49.99 per month with a 29% discount.

  • My general impression

I really liked that none of the packs require rooting. Therefore, I can enjoy all the features. Perhaps this platform is inferior to others in the number of options. Still, I think it can successfully cope with the task.

Best Cocospy features

Detailed call logs

As soon as I click the Calls tab, I see the contact’s photo, phone number, call duration, date, and whether it’s a regular call or FaceTimeetcre. And of course, I tried to block the contact remotely, and it worked.

Instant social media monitoring

Cocospy takes screenshots of every messenger activity whenever it is open and records everything. So, if you need to check your spouse’s Telegram, just go to the appropriate section on the dashboard. Besides, it is worth noting the high quality of Cocospy screenshots.

Spyzie pros:

  • no need for rooting
  • ease of installation
  • accurate GPS tracking

Spyzie cons:

  • no geofencing
  • can’t record phone calls
  • some features under development


Personally, the significant advantage of this product is that it’s rooting-free. At the same time, all functions are available. However, before choosing this solution, I would wait until all the tools are developed to use the application to the fullest.

How does the spy app work?

A spy app is a mobile application that allows you to spy on another mobile phone without making physical contact with your own device. Besides, the target phone can also be monitored from a PC or tablet. 

The operation of spying applications is simple. You just need to install the app on specific devices after unlocking them with root (Android devices) or jailbreak (IOS).

Once installed, the spy app becomes utterly invisible on the target phone. So, you can remotely spy on Android or iOS mobile phones through your own devices.

Even though the spy apps differ in options and design, they have the same purpose – spying. So, as already known, the solution makes it possible and easy to get helpful information about the activity of anyone you track, whether it be a child, a spouse, or an employee. 

The main features that provide benefits to the user are:

  • First, phone tracking apps are user-friendly, which is especially important for modern people who value their time and convenience.
  • Spy software runs without notifications in the background, so no one will ever know about your spying.
  • You get the list of contacts and call logs, monitor the GPS location, read SMS, see photos, emails, the phone history, and watch the apps installed.
  • Some apps allow you to record phone calls and those made via third-party messaging apps like Skype and WhatsApp.
  • Another helpful feature is camera hacking. You can connect to the camera and take pictures of the phone’s surroundings.
  • The ability to hack messaging apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook allows you to monitor the conversations in real-time.

So, with these cutting-edge features, you can control the target phone anytime. You can also go so far as to block other apps or install a firewall so that the target phone owner cannot access certain websites. It’s as if two people are using the phone without the owner realizing it.

How to install the spy app on your cell phone

Proper installation is essential for any software to work correctly. Spy apps are no exception, but installation doesn’t require expert IT skills or a lot of time to get the program up and running.

The exact steps and sequence may differ depending on the application, but the basic principles are generally the same.

Step 1. Get a subscription

Usually, this requires going to the provider’s official website and creating an account. To receive a subscription, indicate the platform on which the target device works (Android, iPhone, Blackberry)

Step 2. Install the mobile spy app

You immediately access the target cell phone with a subscription to catch a cheating spouse or somebody else. For this, find the security settings on your phone and enable the option to install applications from third-party sources.

Now open a web browser to run the spying app on your device. Do not forget to grant the program all necessary permissions to let the phone tracker app work. After that, you can activate stealth mode and thus make the program invisible.

Step 3. Catch a cheater or make sure everything is ok

After a few simple steps, you can proceed to the most exciting thing. Once the installation is complete, go to your account’s web dashboard, select your spouse’s device, and keep track of everything that is going on there.

To understand how this works, let’s take the mSpy dashboard as an example.

As soon as you open the dashboard, the target phone activity is available to you in the form of a chart. It displays the activity level in the browser history, GPS location, text messages, and WhatsApp monthly. So, in this way, you can see the number of text messages on your spouse’s phone, GPS locations, WhatsApp messages, search engine queries, etc., in a given month. In addition, the dashboard displays the most messaging and calling contacts and the most visited websites. Last but not least, you can find out the last locations with exact addresses and times.

Is it possible to install iOS and Android spy apps remotely?

You may want to remotely install the app on Android and iOS smartphones for various reasons. However, this can only be done on iPhone devices since your spouse’s Android phone is not amenable to the remote installation of programs for the following reasons:

Safety. Android devices are equipped with protection against remote installations outside of Google Play.

Permissions. Tracking apps require changes in permissions to run smoothly, and you can’t do that remotely, as it entails illegal hacking.

Try mSpy for free

Confidentiality. Many devices include features to prevent downloading programs. To install a spy app, you need physical access to the Android device to turn off such functions.


Having tested all the above Android spy software, I would opt for mSpy. This application harmoniously combines the most advanced features to catch a cheater and reliable technical support, which is the weak point of other providers.


Is there a free Android app to catch a cheating spouse?

Unfortunately, a free cheating spouse app that promises to catch cheating spouses carry multiple threats to your device, such as privacy hacking. Therefore, do not trust free apps whose sole purpose is to scam. Instead, it is best to purchase a proven product with positive user reviews and ensure the result and safety.

How can I track my husband’s cell phone secretly and for free?

Thanks to specially designed spying apps, tracking your spouse’s phone is a breeze. Moreover, running the program in stealth mode helps keep the tracking secret.
As for free apps, they are not reliable and are sometimes even dangerous for your device and privacy.

Is there an app to find out if someone is cheating?

Yes, and these are spy apps, which are dedicated software solutions to provide a parent, spouse, or employer with the ability to track someone’s activity using a cell phone. So you get browser history, GPS location, outgoing phone calls, social media accounts, Facebook messenger content, text messages, media files, and other information on the target phone.

What is the best app to catch a cheating spouse?

There are many cutting-edge solutions to catch a cheater, but among the best apps on the market is mSpy. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone. In addition to ease of use and a wide range of features, the provider offers a professional customer care service 24/7. And best of all, you can test the product with a free trial version.

Is there an app to catch a cheating spouse?

Yes, the phone monitoring app will help you catch a cheating wife or husband. Dedicated spy apps give users information about GPS location, browser history, social media content, text messages, incoming and outgoing calls, etc. Of course, the platforms are different, but, for example, the top provider, mSpy, offers a keylogger, a screen recorder, and the ability to view deleted messages.

Is there a free Android spy app to catch a cheater?

There are free spy apps, but you don’t get credible security guarantees using them, unlike paid subscriptions. Often, the goal of a free spy app is to run ads to make money on it or hack the target device’s data, which is cybercrime. Therefore, if you are not ready to risk personal data on your mobile devices by choosing free Android spy apps, you will have to invest some money.

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