We use technology to keep what matters close

Monkey KID Sensor was created for parents, by parents.

As parents, nothing matters more than protecting your kids and keeping them safe. At the same time, kids are rapidly growing free-spirits that want to run and play and explore. In today’s topsy-turvy world, how can we give them the independence they need while keep a tight leash and watchful eye — all without constantly hovering over them?

We created Monkey KID Sensor so that parents can let their kids act freely in public spaces, but remain wirelessly connected to them. Using beacon technology, the Monkey app makes sure your kids are close and in sight at all times.

Our Team

Kim ,

Kim is a working mother of two beautiful girls, Mia and Lyla whom are 6 and 8 years old.  She began her career early in the medical technology space and became very passionate about creating something simple to help other working mothers.  

Monkey KID Sensor was born on the beach, chasing after a very spirited 4 year old.  After speaking to many, many parents whom shared similar experiences,  Kim decided it was time to look at technology and mobile to help deliver a simple and easy solution for the wandering child.  Kim believes that mobile technology can ultimately help parents be better parents. 

Renee Wisniski

Renee is Kim’s identical twin sister.  She has been a dedicated health professional for almost 15 years.  In addition she founded her own start-up over 5 years ago specializing in injectable beauty products.  She serves hundreds of clients faithfully and has grown her business YOY consistently.  She is an avid Cross-fitter and is full seed investor in Monkey.

Susie DeLellis Petruccelli

Susie is a tech and social media consultant.  She is an investor in women-owned startups and projects. She is an advocate for using sport and social media for social good.