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How to Find Out if Someone Is Cheating On Facebook Messenger

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Infidelity is always shrouded in mystery. But today, social media sites make it easier for spouses to blow the lid off cheating, being a reliable source of all the evidence they need. 

Today, the most popular communication app among cheaters is the well-known Facebook Messenger, and there is irrefutable proof. For example, 81% of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers members reported using information from various social networking sites. And the thing is, 66% of respondents identified Facebook Messenger as the primary source of evidence.

Luckily, technological inventions help to catch Facebook cheaters and it is not hard nowadays. So, if you want to know how to find out if someone is cheating on Facebook, check out this guide featuring a few beneficial tips and tricks.

How to Find Out if Someone Is Cheating On Facebook

Signs of Cheating on Facebook messenger

Here are the top cheating signs that indicate it is time to dig for more information and uncover answers.

Partner’s Phone Is Out of Your Reach

The most common and evident sign of something fishy is your partner’s secretiveness about their mobile phone. After all, if there is nothing to hide, no one will frantically keep their password secret and phone locked. Therefore, to cut a long story short, using each other’s phones should not cause discomfort for healthy couples.

They Are Totally Absorbed in Facebook 

Perhaps your partner just likes to scroll through the feed, searching for interesting posts or news. However, if the time spent on Facebook suddenly increases, this may raise suspicions. To say nothing of those who are usually not ardent Facebook users and, for no apparent reason, cannot get off their phone at some point.

They Chat on Facebook at Odd Hours

Unlike the signs listed above, a partner is unlikely to find an acceptable excuse for this. And what’s even more frustrating is that it may be secret sexting, as it’s hard to believe they discuss favorite books at night. So, if you woke up in the middle of the night and found your spouse texting, something must have gone wrong in your relationship. 

Spouse Prefers Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger makes it easy to hide secret conversations, which is why this social media platform is often the cheaters’ best choice. Another red flag is a short chat list. After all, if a person chats with others using a particular messenger, there should be many messages. But, except if no one deletes them regularly.

Never-ending spouse’s Facebook messages

It is easy to expose those who did not receive many messages before, but suddenly they do. In addition, they want to respond as quickly as possible despite being busy with a new project or spring cleaning. Note that the partner can mute the phone or place it face down so as not to provoke suspicion, but in this case, they keep the device in hand all the time to text someone back.

Partner Cannot Answer One Simple Question

Who is texting you? This question is a common thing for loving couples who always speak openly. They can even talk about communication with the opposite sex if there are no secrets. But this is the trigger for someone cheating on Facebook. Thus, some react aggressively, and others mumble, fidget, or giggle. If your partner’s behavior or mood drastically changes after this question, that’s a bad sign.

Spouse Has Multiple Facebook Accounts

Even if there are rational reasons for creating a new account, spouses typically know about the reasons and the accounts. Otherwise, the intention is to hide love affairs while having an innocent account, so to speak. This way, a person can demonstrate to the other half their honesty and loyalty in case of suspicion.

Their Facebook friends list is hidden

By doing this, cheating partners can kill two birds with one stone – their husbands or wives cannot see lovers on Facebook, and lovers, in turn, cannot see spouses. Moreover, men or women often prefer to hide marital status and children from their lovers. But with a Facebook friends list open, it is easy to find people with the same last name and a revealing profile photo of a happy family.

No Relationship Status in the Spouse’s Profile

This sign cannot mean much if the significant other has never indicated marital status on Facebook. But if it’s not true about your husband or wife and you suddenly cannot find this information on their Facebook profile, this should set alarm bells in your head. Especially if you asked to make the status visible and the partner still did not do it for you.

Partner Feels Awkward When You Are Around

Your spouse may close the messenger app as you get closer, which almost certainly indicates that your partner is cheating. After all, there is no reason to hide chats with colleagues, relatives, or friends unless they discuss a birthday present for you.

So, if you have been feeling suspicious lately and recognized yourself in the Facebook cheating signs above, go ahead to find out the truth.

How to Spy Facebook Messages and Conversations?

Those ready to expose a cheating partner with hard evidence can do so with a specially designed tool – a spy app. You’ve probably heard about it as the product is well-known worldwide. 

According to Comparitech, who conducted a study on search engine keywords, the top ten countries with the highest spy software search volumes include the United States, Mauritius, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, New Zealand, Slovakia, and Malta.

So, let’s see what a spy app is, why it’s so popular, what the app can do, and how the software can catch someone cheating on Facebook Messenger.

Spy apps are software for monitoring someone’s cell phone activities, including: 

  • text messages 
  • call logs 
  • emails 
  • current GPS location
  • Facebook activities 
  • photos and videos
  • browsing history 

Spy apps are affordable and easy to install and use, which makes them suitable even for not tech-savvy people. Moreover, a user needs only one-time access to a target device to start monitoring. 

Besides, there are no reasons to worry about being caught spying. The solution is undetectable by the target phone user since it operates in stealth mode and is heavily disguised.

Why Use Spy App for Facebook Messages?

The spy app is the best bet if we consider the software through the prism of Facebook tracker apps. In particular, it is a step ahead of other ways to expose unfaithful partners featuring unique capabilities described below.

  1. Read Facebook Secret Conversations

Messenger developers go out of their way to provide the user with an appropriate level of security. The same applies to Facebook. However, the best spy apps allow you to easily monitor messages and secret conversations on Facebook. And best of all, deleted messages are also available to you, which gives no chance for a cheating boyfriend or spouse to hide anything.

  1. Monitor Without Being Caught

Facebook tracker apps are invisible on the partner’s phone, regardless of whether they use iOS or Android devices. Thus, your spouse does not see any icon, green dot, or folder that could arouse suspicion. At the same time, the app fetches all the information from their Facebook conversations to deliver it to you and help catch a boyfriend or girlfriend cheating.

  1. View Audio and Video Conversations

And finally, one of the most advanced features of Facebook tracker apps is access to audio and video conversations. This option was introduced for a reason – about 150 million voice and video calls pass through Facebook app daily. So, even if a partner considers voice or video messages more reliable for secret conversations and prefers them, you have all the tools to track the content.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse on Facebook

Suppose you are almost sure the partner is cheating on Facebook messenger but want more proof. If it’s true, installing the uMobix spy app is a good and reliable decision.

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First, you will stop torturing yourself with guesswork.

Secondly, you will be able to avoid family scandals, which pressure and stress both partners.

And finally, irrefutable evidence right on your mobile phone is unlikely to allow your spouse to excuse himself again.

So, let’s move on to a more detailed description.

uMobix is a monitoring software with over 40 features to catch cheating. Its installation takes a few clicks:

  1. choosing a subscription
  2. creating an account
  3. setting up the target mobile phone

Users can easily access the intuitive uMobix dashboard from iOS and Android, getting real-time information from the target device.

Get Insight Into Facebook Conversations With Umobix

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uMobix is ​​the best app to catch cheaters on Facebook. It records and saves Messenger information quickly without rooting or jailbreaking. What’s more, no installation is needed for iOS devices, just Cloud ID and iPhone password. As for Android, you need physical access to the target for setting up, but the process is easy and takes a few minutes.

Besides Facebook activities, users can track their partner’s SMS, a call log, browsing history, photos, videos, eleven messaging apps, six social networks, dating apps, and even login credentials.

And another noteworthy uMobix feature is the keylogger. Simply put, this mechanism captures the information typed on the target user’s keyboard and delivers it to you. This data covers messages, copied/pasted contents, passwords (including pasted ones), etc. In short, every word typed by a partner is available on your screen.

So, to catch Facebook cheaters, the app makes it easy for users to:

  • get full access to your partner’s Facebook account
  • read sent and received messages
  • see secret conversations
  • know who and when texts your spouse
  • download Facebook chat history
  • track and log all keystrokes

Of course, it goes without saying that such a wide range of tools takes almost no time to reveal a cheating spouse.

Other Ways to Catch Facebook Cheaters

While finding good spy app alternatives for tracking Facebook activities is hard, you can still consider them. Indeed, there are several ways to expose a cheating partner or, better yet, to ensure they don’t even have friends of the opposite sex you do not know.

Create a Fake Account to Trap Your Partner

After creating a fake profile, comment on your spouse’s page or send a сute message. If you managed to establish contact, ask about marital status, whether they have a girlfriend, etc. You can also propose a meeting or ask for invitations to gauge your spouse’s reaction. However, try to do it without pressure, as this may look suspicious, and the plan will fail miserably. 

But unfortunately, this method takes time and requires patience since an account created yesterday can hardly inspire confidence in a cheating partner.

Turn Your Phone Into a Mic

When a partner doubts the reliability of chats for communicating with lovers, they may prefer calls via instant messengers. In this case, a remote listening application may be a good option for catching a cheating partner, but this requires physical access to their phone.

Another thing that may make you give up this alternative is the limited range of such applications since they work on Wi-Fi.

Hack Chrome Passwords

Those who abuse our trust and don’t dare to admit it will never share device passwords, let alone Facebook. However, you might get lucky, especially if your husband or wife uses Google Chrome.

So, when a partner logs onto their laptop and suddenly goes to the restroom, then act quickly:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser
  2. Find Settings
  3. Click on Autofill
  4. Select Passwords
  5. Hit the “eye” icon to see the Facebook password

Needless to say, if you have a shared computer, there is no difficulty, and you can find out the truth about your partner right now.

Use Data Recovery Tools

Another way to catch someone cheating on Facebook is to install the iOS/Android recovery tool. Thus, you will see deleted messages and media files from the partner’s device, including secret conversations on Facebook.

With regard to this alternative, it must be noted that it is designed for data recovery and not for monitoring. Therefore, you should not expect powerful features from them. Furthermore, if your partner’s device is securely password-protected, they may not delete anything, which makes the iOS/Android recovery tool useless.

Hire a Private Detective

Approaching the end of this guide, let’s lighten the mood and imagine somebody asking a private detective to investigate Facebook cheating. I bet a private detective would choose a spy application for this case by asking clients to set up the program on their spouse’s phone. But why can’t you do it yourself and become a real detective after all?


Many things push people into adultery, such as unhappy marriages, stereotypes about polygamy, wild parties with a lot of alcohol, or the desire for new sensations. Whatever the reason, the cheater’s partners always want to know the truth or get rid of doubts as soon as possible.

Fortunately, today it is much easier to expose spouses than it used to be since phones are our best friends and there are a lot of secrets inside.

So, if suspicions keep bothering you, choose one of the mentioned ways to sort things out and finally breathe a sigh of relief. But note that it is best to choose the most reliable method to eliminate ambiguous answers to the most critical questions.

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