Tracking someone’s text messages has been of great interest since the advent of mobile phones. And while dedicated spy apps are getting launched into the market, people ask even more questions about how to intercept text messages on their child, spouse, or employee’s device. 

So, this detailed guide sheds light on commonly asked questions for you. After reading, you will get insightful observations and practical recommendations through the answers on:

  • Can I read text messages without installing software on the target phone? 
  • How to hack someone’s text messages without them knowing? 
  • What are the best spy apps to track text messages?
  • How to hack text messages on Android phones and IOS devices? 
  • Is it possible to monitor someone’s phone for free?

All this and much more right now in this guide for you.

Hack Text Messages without Access to Phone

Can I Read Text Messages without Installing Software on the Target Phone? 

Spy apps claim that users can hack text messages without phone access, which is true. However, a necessary condition is to access the target device for installing the app or changing settings to make tracking available. Luckily, this only takes a few minutes. 

Thus, to be more precise, you will never have to touch the target device again, but only after the software installation is complete. This is the answer without a play on words and tricks for all reliable and legitimate spyware.

But There Must Be Some Exceptions

Some programs do offer an alternative method for tracking iPhone devices without physical access and jailbreak. However, compared to the full functionality of spyware, this way just allows you to monitor iCloud backups and changes. Also, note that you need iCloud account credentials to do this.

Incidentally, one of the cutting-edge apps, mSpy, offers a No Jailbreak option allowing users to browse all text messages, WhatsApp, call logs, and more without physical access to the target phone.

How to Hack Someone’s Text Messages without Them Knowing?

Once you have installed a specially designed monitoring software spy app, you can immediately start reading someone’s text messages and remain hidden. In fact, one of the main benefits of this solution is stealth mode. With it, parents, spouses, or employers can be sure nobody will catch them spying and undermine their reputation.

Another advantage is a user-friendly web-based control panel available from any browser. A control panel is where the app sends all the collected data from the target device and keeps text messages simple to read.

Finally, spy app software allows you to track not only SMS text messages, but also social media apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp messages, phone call logs, GPS location, web browsing history, and more.

To sum up, we may safely say that it’s possible to intercept text messages and even more on someone’s phone without them knowing.

What Are the Best 3 Spy Apps for Hacking Text Messages?

Perhaps it’s time to review the most advanced software for tracking someone’s text messages, their best features, pros, and cons. Chances are, this will help you make a reasonable choice right away.


mSpy is the platform of choice for 1.5 million satisfied users in 180 countries. What sets mSpy apart from the competition is a wide range of arsenal features that cater to all customer needs, including hacking someone’s text messages.

Best features

Invisibility. The developers have disguised the program by giving it a generic icon and calling it Update service, which looks like a system application. Therefore, the average target user cannot spot mSpy on their device.

mSpy Keylogger. The tool lets you see what the target user is typing on their phone, be it a browser or instant messages. What’s more, all key logs are available in the control panel at any time.

Ease of setup. Installing the software takes less than 10 minutes. To be more specific, accessing your spouse or child’s text messages is only a few clicks away from creating an account.

Access to deleted messages. mSpy gives you the ability to view messages deleted by the target user, including details of who sent the SMS and when.

MMS monitoring. All the contents of your kid’s text messages is available, including incoming and outgoing photos.


  • easy access to text messages with a user-friendly online control panel
  • timestamps and date information on every text message
  • SMS tracking without iPhone jailbreaking
  • simultaneous monitoring of three devices
  • using mSpy on IOS, you can view SMS messages in the cloud from a linked computer and save backups
  • affordability


  • may seem expensive to track multiple devices
  • only chat support


EyeZy is spying software that incorporates artificial intelligence to improve tracking features. Like mSpy, EyeZy is a perfect choice if you need to read someone’s text messages and keep it a secret.

Best features

Magic Alerts. It includes not only geofencing but also keyword tracking. In other words, you can select particular keywords, and the program will notify you when a child or spouse types them in SMS text messages, social networks, or browsers.

Invisible Shield. This mechanism makes the application hidden and invisible to the target user.

Screen-recording technology. While someone uses their mobile device for chatting, phone spy software eyeZy takes screenshots in the background. Thus, it provides a visual representation of the conversations.

Phone Analyzer. The feature gives an overview of phone calls with timestamps, duration, and number details, which gives an idea of ​​how important the contact is to the target user, along with information about text messages.


  • user-friendly interface
  • bank-grade encryption protecting all text message contents
  • all the sent and received photos and videos are available in iMessage
  • extensive blocking features


  • no free trial
  • iCloud sync could be improved


uMobix is ​​another advanced spying app that allows you to hack text messages without the target user’s knowledge remotely. Like others, the tool provides information about incoming and outgoing messages but has many other spying features. uMobix also works in stealth mode.

Best features

Comprehensible dashboard. In an ordered list, you see those with whom the child or spouse has recently chatted, the contents of the latest messages, and the date and time they sent SMS.

Message blocking. Suppose your kid, spouse, or employee engages in suspicious activity, you can restrict incoming and outgoing text messages for a specific contact. In this way, it is easy to protect a person from potentially harmful or inappropriate communications.

Real-time monitoring. The spy app updates data every five minutes, which eliminates the possibility of missing something important or dangerous on the target device.


  • easy to set up
  • no iOS jailbreak since the operation is based on iCloud account credentials
  • a renamed contacts detector makes message monitoring more careful
  • deleted contacts and SMS are available


  • the Basic tariff plan doesn’t cover keylogging
  • physical access to the target Android devices is necessary to set up
  • no geofencing
  • some features only for IOS devices

How to Hack Text Messages and iMessages without Access to iPhone?

In fact, there are several spy apps featuring the No Jailbreak option that might work for you. However, mSpy is one of the best techniques to hack text messages without access to a cell phone. With mSpy, you can view SMS text messages instantly and see more curious things like WhatsApp messages, iMessages, or browser history, which competing products don’t often allow.

Finally, here are a few steps on how to intercept and read their text messages without installing software:

  1. Buy the subscription that suits you best.
  2. After receiving a welcome letter with a link, click on it to proceed to create an account.
  3. Provide the target iCloud account details, namely Apple ID and password.
  4. Sometimes the phone is protected by two-step authentication, so you should access iCloud information on another IOS device to get the code.
  5. After configuring this step, synchronization of iCloud backups with mSpy servers will be launched.
  6. Finally, login to the online reporting panel to see iPhone’s text messages

Each step is easy and fast, except that synchronization may take some time depending on the amount of data on the person’s phone. Especially given that customers receive explicit instructions and login data after the purchase.

How to Intercept Text Messages on the Target Android Phone?

While it’s easy to read someone’s text messages on Android devices with monitoring software, you need physical access to the phone. Unfortunately, there is no backup monitoring for this operating system. So, here’s what you need to do to install a spy app:

  1. Select the spy app and subscription you need
  2. Before setting up disable Play Protect on the target phone
  3. Download the spy app
  4. Create your account following the instructions from the provider
  5. Go to the dashboard and start to hack text messages without access to the target mobile phone

As you can see, installing the program on Android is also effortless. The only thing you should do to make it possible is to disable Play Protect since it is turned on by default.

Be Careful of Scammers Hacking SMS without a Target Device

People’s hunches and guesses about spouses, kids, or employees make them fall for scammers. Probably it’s because scammers claim that a mobile phone is not required to hack someone’s text messages. But the fact is – it is almost impossible without the target user’s phone.

So, the most common fraud is the remote installation of a spy app. However, the catch is that iOS does not allow external software not available in the Apple store. Thus, it is logical that there are no solutions from scammers in the Apple store either.

As for Android devices, users often wonder about hacking text messages via Bluetooth. So let’s make it clear right away that calling the target device and connecting for 30 seconds to install the application remotely does not work.

The thing is, connecting means Bluetooth tethering, which operates only at no more than 50 meters. But in addition to proximity, they must feature Bluetooth remote cell monitoring technology.

Finally, someone should accept the connection request on the target device. If you cannot do this, you need to ask the target user to do this, which reveals spying.

And the most important thing is that having completed this time-consuming process, you can read text messages exclusively in a limited area of ​​the Bluetooth range. If the distance between devices is more than 50 meters, you will have to repeat the process to restore monitoring.

If you have doubts about someone and looking for ways to spy on their text messages from another iPhone or Android phone without the user knowing, be aware of the following things:

Remote installation. Legit software providers are unlikely to offer remote installation as it is illegal.

Enticing taglines. High-profile taglines like no monthly fee or one-time payment are another trap to attract customers. Honest service providers need funding for development.

Suspicious sales website. The first thing to give you a heads-up is the lack of information about the provider, such as an address, offices, etc. However, they are full of positive user reviews.

Cheapness. Generally, the price of a product corresponds to its quality. Therefore a low price hardly ever implies a good solution.

Weird bonuses. Often scammers offer strange bonuses to attract customers that have nothing to do with tracking software.

Tips on How to Get the Victim’s Phone

As mentioned, only scammers offer to intercept text messages without access to the target device. Therefore, to be safe using a reliable app, you need to know a few effective ways to get someone’s phone:

First, you can pretend that you do not have access to the Internet and that you need to check your mail right now. Because the monitoring software takes minutes to set up, your spouse or child won’t get suspicious.

Also, you can pretend you can’t find your cell phone, but don’t forget to put it on mute first. This way you will have enough time to do what is needed for spying.

Another option is to have a trusted mutual friend call the target user’s number and walk away to talk. So, you have more than enough time to install the application in addition to chatting with a friend.

And finally, a reliable but not the cheapest way is to give a mobile phone as a gift after installing the application.


Is It Possible to Hack Someone’s Text Messages for Free?

Free apps don’t work to monitor text messages but rather to extort bank details from you. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable and working tool, you will have to invest some money. Luckily, spy app providers charge reasonable prices.

How Can I Get Messages from Another Device Sent to My Phone?

The easiest solution is to install dedicated software like mSpy or uMobix. Once installed, it will run on the target device in the background, and all tracked SMS will appear on your phone. What’s more, you will see regularly updated information on text messages and also social media chat apps, the target phone’s location, call logs, etc.

Can I See Someone’s Text Messages without Their Phone?

With a spy app, this is not only possible but also easy. To do this, select the software, install it on your phone, set up the target device, which takes a few minutes, and finally, you can hack text messages without access to phone. As a rule, the entire installation process takes up to 10 minutes, as is the case with mSpy, for example.