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How to monitor my kids text messages to Keep them Safe

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How to monitor my kids text messages

No matter how old you are as a parent, your child’s life safety is your number one priority. Therefore, responsible mothers and fathers strive for maximum control of kids of a certain age. 0And since most of the day-to-day child’s activities take place on mobile phones, you should give special attention to this aspect. In particular, text message monitoring is essential because there are some threats that you can easily prevent with dedicated parental apps.

So, if you are still asking yourself, “should I monitor my child’s text” then the information below might be helpful to you.

How to monitor my kids text messages

Why Should You Spy on Child’s Text Messages?

According to the reputable Pew Research Center, 66% of American parents find parenting more challenging than it was twenty years ago and cite technology as the main reason. Thus, technology for kids today involves far more than just spending time on the phone for fun, like texting with friends or googling the best iPhone devices 2022. But unfortunately, they often get hunted by threats, including inappropriate texting.

  1. Text bullying

In many ways, text bullying is far worse than being bullied by classmates at school; some of the reasons are:

  • Text bullying can occur around the clock, causing irreparable harm to the child.
  • Online bullies can be crueller and more merciless because they do not see the victims.
  • Your child can become a bully, reacting sharply to insults and defending himself.

The consequences of all this may be more severe than it may seem. For example, a child constantly experiences increased stress and anxiety, behaves aggressively, and suffers from low self-esteem. But the worst thing – these factors lead to mental disorders.

  1. Online predators

Adults using the Internet to exploit children and teenagers are perhaps the biggest threat. After all, they have specific tactics to get the child to trust them and achieve goals through psychological, emotional, or sexual abuse. 

In addition, kids can make life easier for online predators, providing them in social media apps with a phone number, address, or other identifying information. 

Step by step, it comes to the point that children suffer from a fake online persona – predators share sexualised pictures or videos but want the same stuff in return. And if a frightened teenager starts to succumb to this, it can be impossible to stop it, as predators threaten to show all inappropriate content to parents or friends.

  1. Sexting

You may think your child is still too young for this, and there is no reason to worry yet. Although it can be frustrating, studies show that 1 in 4 children aged 12-17 receive explicit messages, and at least 1 in 7 sends them.

So, this fun, popular with adolescents, may bring significant risks of text message forwarding without consent. But unfortunately, not all teens understand that once a message, photo, or video gets on the Internet, it is no longer under control.

As a result, a teenager quickly becomes a victim of blackmail, bullying, or text message forwarding by peers who have seen explicit messages or other content.

So, if you doubt whether you should monitor text messages on your child’s device, pay attention to the potential threats and statistics outlined above. After all, it is better to prevent than confront the negative consequences later.

How can parents monitor the child’s text messages on Android?

Luckily, there are several reliable ways to keep your child safe from the traps that are part of technology and the internet. Here you will explore the best tools for this – monitoring apps for spying on the target device remotely.

So, the parental control app is monitoring software that lets parents know about every step, word, and click of their child. Besides, this solution differs from other software because it covers many more advanced features for comprehensive control. In addition, the program is equally good at monitoring text messages on iPhone and Android.

Now you can check two of the best solutions to see your child’s text messages 24/7 on your Android device.


Best choise
5 / 5.0
Money back:
20 days

uMobix is ​​a quick-to-install and intuitive parental control app that offers excellent value for money. It tracks a child’s phone activities, including all the messages, in real-time and instantly syncs the data to your mobile device. Thus, you get information in the form of an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Another distinguishing feature of this monitoring software is stealth mode. In other words, your child is unaware of monitoring because there are no app icons on the target devices. This feature is valuable because parents do not risk being caught and therefore do not undermine their kid’s trust. At the same time, mums and dads can protect their kids from dangers.

What else can uMobix do?

The app’s functionality is so powerful that monitoring a child’s text message is its core functionality. Therefore, you may be interested in learning about other compelling features embracing tracking:

  • social media apps
  • social media messages
  • call logs
  • browser history
  • media files
  • real time location

Among other advantages of the application is its intuitiveness and arrangement of data in a convenient way.


4.9 / 5.0
Money back :
30 days

mSpy is another parental control app that is not inferior in functionality and reliability. It also works in stealth mode, making you invisible. Furthermore, bank-level encryption protects the received information, so only you can see your child’s activities and the contents of text messages, including media files.

What further enhances message monitoring is the mSpy keylogger. With it, the app notifies users of every screen tap and word typed on the target device. Simply put, the program records keys and transfers them all to the phones of caring moms and dads. As a result, they monitor messages in real-time.

What else can mSpy do?

Like uMobix, mSpy has many other tools that enable you to:

  • monitor text messages
  • block apps
  • track multiple devices
  • set keyword alerts
  • set zone limits
  • view deleted data

You can choose other ways to monitor your child’s text messages. Still, the parental control app has the advantage of being specifically designed to keep children safe, ranging from text messages to the kid’s location at a particular time.

How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages on Android?

First, you need the target device for no more than 5 minutes to start tracking children’s text messages on Android devices with uMobix. Then, after you get it, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Once you have received the link from the provider, you should copy and paste it into the target cell phone’s browser.
  2. Allow all activity for browser hitting Allow.
  3. When the installation process is over, click Agree and continue.
  4. Now enable keylogger tracking.
  5. Find the User Accounts tab to activate it.
  6. Click Set up automatically to complete the setup.

Now you can delete the file from downloads in the browser and clear the history. And the last step is to ensure the icon is invisible through Home screen settings using the Hide apps feature. You are all set up!

How to Get Your Child’s Text Messages on iPhone?

Before installing mSpy on iOS devices to monitor text messages on iPhone devices, users must ensure they have a jailbroken target device at their disposal. Thus, parents can use the full range of software features to ensure child safety from all sides.

  1. Make sure you receive a welcome email from mSpy with account details, registration code, and download link.
  2. Open the Cydia program on your child’s iPhone to install the third-party app and click Manage account – Sources – Edit – Add.
  3. Add a source by entering the address of the link provided in the welcome email.
  4. Once the app is downloaded, go back to Cydia and select mTechnology repository and then iPhone internal service, which is mSpy in disguise.
  5. Click Install and wait a few minutes.
  6. When the phone asks you to restart springboard, allow this action to restart the system.
  7. After that, find the application icon on the screen, accept the license agreement terms, and then allow access to the location.
  8. Finally, enter the registration code from the provider’s letter. To complete the installation and start text message monitoring, restart your child’s iPhone.
Try mSpy for free

It is important to note that mSpy is also available for a child’s iPhone without jailbreak. In this case, you don’t need physical access to the Apple device for mSpy setup, just the child’s Apple ID and password.

In general, setting up all the necessary settings takes no more than ten minutes, and the application immediately allows you to monitor text messages on iPhone improving parental control.

What You’ll Get From an Installed Phone Message Spying Software

First, by using the monitoring software, you will finally gain confidence in the safety of your child’s life, whether at school or a birthday party. Then, in more detail, you get the following opportunities.

  • Monitor child’s text messages

Whether you need to spy on text messages on iPhone or Android phone, the software provides all data on your child’s messages. It includes sent and received messages, videos, photos, voice messages, and even, for example, a verification code that can tell you about a secret product or service purchase.

Another essential feature is the ability to access deleted messages, which are still stored in the tracker’s user space. Deleted data can reveal all the most exciting things from our lives, but nothing can be hidden from spy app users.

Phone Message Spying Software eyeZy

4.8 / 5.0
Money back :
15 days
  • Disable messages on your child’s phone

You can control whether your kid can receive text messages or send them. More specifically, the app allows parents to block suspicious or malicious contacts. Thus, everyone can take appropriate action to turn the children’s mobile phone into a clean and safe space.

  • Know where your kid is

The connection between the need to know the kid’s location and text messages is obvious. For example, imagine that you see a text message with a threat. Or a text message in which your child pleads with a close friend for help. In such a situation, knowing where you need to go to save your kid is crucial. Surely interrogating the child himself or his friends will take time, and the application has this information around the clock, which can be helpful in critical situations.

Phone Message Spying Software Spyzie

4.7 / 5.0
Money back:
20 days

By the way, mSpy offers a Geofencing feature so that you can set certain dangerous zones. This way, you will receive a notification when your child’s iPhone or Android device ends up outside that zone.

  • Always be aware of each online activity on your kid’s phone

As mentioned briefly, the monitoring apps offer powerful tools to monitor your child’s phone from top to bottom. These are not only child’s texts but also browser history, GPS tracking, access to a remote camera, such contents of all messengers as videos and photos, etc.

Indeed you have already answered the question, “should I monitor my child’s text” reading about all the potential dangers and imagining their dire consequences.

Phone Message Spying Software Cocospy

4.5 / 5.0
Money back:
10 days

Fortunately, you can prevent many adventures of the most unpleasant sort that can happen to your child promptly. All you should do for this is to choose reliable monitoring methods that provide detailed information about the child’s messages and much more.


How can I monitor my child’s text messages without them knowing?

Parental control apps are ideal for this, allowing you to monitor your child’s chats on both Android and Apple device.

These platforms record all activities on the target device and transmit them immediately to the tracking mobile phone.

Moreover, the program works in stealth mode, and you remain invisible but can access all data.

How Can I Get My Child’s Text Messages Sent To My Phone?

Use a special app designed to monitor your child’s messages on your screen. Installation takes ten minutes and is quite simple if you follow the instructions.

Try mSpy for free

For example, to track messages on Android, you need to install the application on your kid’s phone, and for Apple, you should just specify the child’s Apple ID. Once you have completed several installation steps, your parental control reaches another quality stage.

Is there an app that allows me to read my child’s text messages?

You can view received, sent, and deleted child’s messages with message monitoring apps. In addition, the dashboard delivers information about the most popular contacts and timestamps. All you need is access to their phone for a few minutes or get iCloud account details.

Once you install the software, your child’s life, including messages, will become an open book to you. This way, you can know about all the events and problems, but your kids will never know about being monitored since the app runs in stealth mode.

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