Aug 25, 2022

How to track my daughter’s iphone location

Franklin Karter

Do you always know where your child is after school? Do you sometimes have suspicions about your daughter’s honesty? What if something or someone threatens her?

These questions always bring responsible and loving parents who care about their children to feelings of anxiety. And this is okay because children and teens cannot always protect themselves from various risks, sometimes damaging their mental and physical health.

What are parents supposed to do? Luckily, today’s technology offers top-notch tools for monitoring the phone’s location. Using them, parents no longer google “how to track my daughter’s iPhone location” in an attempt to control the situation, always stay on top of everything, and never suffer from guesswork.

Why you need track daughter’s iPhone

Now we will describe why parents often decide to monitor a kid’s phone, particularly daughters’ devices. It’s not surprising as girls are more likely to become victims of harassment or other unpleasant cases described below.

  • cyberbullying

It is one of the main reasons to monitor a kid’s phone, as some studies say one-fifth of bullying happens online. So, 19.2% of parents say their children succumb to cyberbullying through social networks, and another 11% reveal it in text messages.

Thus, if your child is, unfortunately, the victim of harassment, you can find it out immediately with the tracking app. Thus, parents can protect the child in time, having access to all applications and instant messengers.

  • Ex-boyfriends and dating

While dating is always something new and enjoyable for kids, it also comes with risks. For example, girls become victims of their ex-boyfriends, who cannot completely break off relations and want to return everything. Often, exes use blackmail, forcing girls to do something against their will. The same goes for guys with whom girls are in a romantic relationship. After all, they may insist on something unacceptable for your daughter at the moment.

If daughters always told their parents about their problems, many unpleasant situations and even crimes would be avoided. But since this is practically impossible, a phone tracker is the only way out for parents. With it, moms and dads can control risks and threats, as well as the child’s iPhone location, which is critical in many situations.

  • Addictions

Teenagers always look for new sensations, so they consider alcohol and drugs good ways to experience them. So probably, there is no need to hash over how harmful it is for the child’s mental and physical health. But it is worth noting that this danger can lie in wait for a teenager anywhere.

With a phone’s location tool, you can know where your daughter is after school, during class, or where she goes for a walk with her friends. If you see that your daughter is in a crowded park, then there is probably no reason to worry, but being in the most deserted place in your city means it’s time to learn more about your daughter’s life.

If you opt for apps for full access to your kid’s iPhone, you’ll find out about suspicious meeting places and offers before it’s too late.

  • Kidnappings

It is one of the most dangerous scenarios that unfortunately take place all over the world. In this case, location data and location history are valuable information for police officers. Otherwise, they have to interview teachers and friends, which takes a lot of time.

Again, if you can provide the police with data on messaging, photos, and videos from your child’s phone, then this can help even more and save the child’s life.

How can I track my child’s iPhone without them knowing?

If you decide to track your kid’s location or all online activity but want to stay incognito, this is possible and available to everyone.

Monitoring software developers offer dedicated apps that allow you to track your kid’s location without them knowing. In addition, the programs run in stealth mode, so even IT-savvy teens cannot suspect they are being monitored. Besides, these apps are generally intuitive for both an Android and iPhone user.

How Do I Track My Daughter’s iPhone Location?

As for tracking kids’ location, here are the tools that parents use most often:

Phone carrier’s services

Some providers offer specialized services to enable child monitoring. However, this is not always the best and easiest way.

For example, sometimes, the terms of service imply the voluntary consent of the owners of the target device. And since parents often want to track the child’s location incognito, they prefer other methods that guarantee secrecy.

Built-in functions

Developers build special functions for location detection into Android and iOS devices. The primary mission of this option is to detect the device if it is lost.

Therefore, with an iCloud account, parents can use the built-in feature to track a cell phone location without their children’s knowledge.

Tracking apps

As already mentioned, this software are specifically designed to track a child’s device. Therefore, all functions and services run in stealth mode to provide information about the exact location at the moment and location history with details about the time of visit, address, and coordinates.

How to Track Your Child’s Cell Phone Without Installing sousing Find my iPhone

Find My is an iPhone app featuring family sharing option allowing you to track iPhone. With it, you can monitor the location of apple devices but also block lost devices.

Here’s how to add children for location tracking on your device:

  1. Open Find My and click on the People tab
  2. Select Share My Location
  3. Choose a contact from the list or enter the child’s name
  4. After pressing the Send button, select the most suitable share duration option for you
  5. The target phone is now available for monitoring.

And here is a quick guide on how to find children using Find My:

  1. Open Find My and click on the People tab
  2. In the list below the map select a child’s contact
  3. Swipe up and tap Contact to see contact information
  4. Select Directions to have the app route to the child’s location

Finally, we want to answer a question sometimes asked by app users – what to do when I can’t see my daughter’s phone on Find My?

First, you need your daughter’s phone to ensure that it is signed in with the correct Apple ID. If everything is fine at this stage, check if the device is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network and if the location service is activated. After that, turn Airplane Mode on and off, reboot the device, and check again if this iPhone feature works.

Google Maps

If you use Google Maps, this app may be helpful and user-friendly for tracking your child’s cell phone location. Thus, with Google Maps, family members can track their location on a map in real-time.

But it is important to note that, unlike a parental control app, Google Maps implies the consent of the one you want to track for location sharing.

If you don’t need to remain incognito and this method suits you, here are a few simple steps to start tracking:

  1. Install Google Maps on daughter’s phone
  2. Open the app and click on the profile picture
  3. In the pop-up menu, tap Location sharing
  4. On the next page, click Share location
  5. Tap More options and select the Share button
  6. Now you can share the target device’s location with a link via social media apps and messages

By the way, the whole thing is straightforward if you want to use a web browser on your computer instead of a phone for location tracking.

Just open Google Maps and click on the hamburger menu at the top left of the page. Then choose Location sharing to check the contacts on the map.

Umobix app

uMobix is a dedicated parental control app offering advanced location tracking features across 186 countries worldwide. With it, you can track an iPhone and Android device adjusting settings directly from the home screen.

Best choice
5 / 5.0
Money back :
15 days

So, as for location services, uMobix monitoring software provides real-time location, location history, routes, and GPS coordinates. Users get all this in an intuitive dashboard with a map view and timestamps.

This monitoring software is different from all other real-time location tracking methods as it can also track your child’s online activity down to each click they make. Hence, if you need full access to all apps on your daughter’s phone, this might be the most suitable choice.

Before going into a detailed description of how to use the tool, here are additional features from Umobix:

  • All messengers tracking
  • Screenshot updates
  • Social media monitoring
  • Video and audio streaming
  • Deleted information viewing
  • Screen time managing
  • Key logs
  • Web filter

How to track a child’s location using only an iCloud account

If you’ve ever Googled “how to track my child’s iPhone with my own iPhone,” now it’s time to find out that it’s possible with uMobix. For installation and initial setup, you don’t need physical access to the child’s phone, only the iCloud credentials (Apple ID and password) of the target phone.

Step 1: Create your account and choose a plan

Before you get everything you need to monitor a kid’s iPhone location, register and choose a subscription. To register, you will need an email address and a password, which will later be your login credentials.

Step 2: Enter your iCloud credentials

Unlike Android, iOS users do not need physical access to the target device. So, you just enter the target phone’s iCloud credentials in your account.

Note: If two-factor authentication works on your child’s iPhone, you should verify the code sent from Apple.

Step 3: Login and start tracking

Once the setup is complete, log in and wait for the information to start streaming. As soon as the data starts streaming, you get the exact location of your daughter.

Track your kids with Find My Friends app

Find My Kids is another GPS location tracker designed free for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Once you have shared your location in this app, you can track your kids. However, they can disable this feature, thus preventing you from monitoring the location.

Here’s what Find My Kids enables users to do:

  • Find kids easy
  • Get location notifications
  • Set parental restrictions
  • Manage privacy
  • Share location quickly with AirDrop
  • Use an email address or phone number to share your location

It’s also important to note that iPhone must be connected to Wi-Fi for maximum accuracy.

If you compare Find My Kids with an app like uMobix, the former is significantly inferior in terms of functionality, but it can work smoothly for location tracking.

How to track a kid’s iPhone with Find My Friends app

The Find My friends app is not for spying, but you can easily use it as a parental control app. Here’s what to do for this:

  1. Activate the “Find My friends” function on your child’s cell phone
  2. iCloud provides a share option for all iOS devices, so just make sure this setting correctly views “This device” as the target phone
  3. Select “Airdrop”, after which you see the options “Everyone” or “Contact Only”
  4. Take the target phone and click “Add”
  5. After you have added your contact, select “Share indefinitely”
  6. Accept the message you received


Now that you have learned how to track iPhone location to know the real-time location of your children, you can choose the most suitable way for you.

As you can see, some programs only allow you to monitor cell phone location, while others offer a wide range of functions for comprehensive control. Using them, you are always up to date and therefore confident in your daughter’s safety.