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How to Track my kids Phone Without Them Knowing?

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How to Track my kids Phone

It’s no secret that people can hardly imagine their daily life without mobile phones and the Internet. But unfortunately, the same goes for children. 

The thing is, child users are vulnerable to many threats the Internet hides. Unfortunately, parents can’t prevent them and keep kids safe 24/7. But fortunately, those same innovations can give moms and dads the ability to protect kids from all types of danger. If you have ever Googled how to find my kids using their phones, you will find a comprehensive answer below.

How to Track my kids Phone

Why Do You Need to Track Your Kid’s Phone?

Starting from the positive aspects, the Internet promotes learning enhancement, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. But continuing the topic of risks, it’s important to highlight frequent cases of cyberbullying, access to inappropriate content, and online predators. Therefore, if you are wondering, “why do I need to track my kids’ phone, ” you should consider the following dangers.

  1. Cyberbullying

Even though humanity is becoming more tolerant, the problem of child bullying remains acute. According to UNESCO, one in three students experienced bullying at least once over the last month. Furthermore, 43 % have been cyberbullied in the last year.

To prevent your child from becoming part of this horrifying statistic, experts give safety tips on monitoring online behaviour and checking social networking sites periodically.

  1. Access to adult content

Inappropriate content is something that harms a child’s emotional fragility and susceptibility. It includes pornography, violent content, unmoderated chat rooms, gambling sites, and the list goes on. 

What’s outrageous is that accessing such content is as simple as clicking the “I’m over 18” button. Consequently, parents cannot rely on the fact that site owners care about the psychological health of the younger generation.

  1. Online predators

The Internet is a perfect place to pretend to be someone other than who people are in real life. Consequently, online predators are one of the biggest threats. They can draw children into sexual conversations with racy photos and videos and lure them into face-to-face meetings.

All this is dangerous and terrible. Still, it can be a way for teens to assert themselves and be accepted. Moreover, they can fall in love with someone handsome invented by an online predator and readily agree to meet in person.

As you can see, there are good reasons to track your child’s cell phone, focusing on social media apps and browser history.

How to Track Your Child’s Location Without Installing Any App

There are several ways to track someone’s phone without installing software. For example, many parents use free options like Find my Device or Find my iPhone. Yet. it is worth noting that these applications are primarily designed to search for lost or stolen mobile devices. That is, they should not be expected to have such a wide range of features as spyware applications. 

Spy apps, in turn, require installation. But the good news is that it will take you a few minutes to install spyware on a target device, and the child will never guess about being spied thanks to stealth mode.

Finally, another way to know more about a child is GEOfinder. It is an easy-to-use tracker for locating your kid’s smartphone regardless of the mobile network. Moreover, it’s available on iOS and Android devices.

Easiest Way to Monitor my Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing for free

If you want to find a free app for parental control, then the options ‘Find my Device’ and ‘Find my iPhone’ may be suitable for location tracking.

How to Track an Android Phone’s Location Using ‘Find my Device’

Find My Device is automatically enabled if your child’s Google account is added to your device. However, there are some conditions to determine the location. For example, if the device, Wi-Fi, or mobile data is turned off, this method does not work. So, the following must be activated on the child’s phone:

  • Google account
  • Wi-Fi or mobile data
  • visibility on Google Play Store
  • Location
  • Find My Device function

When using this parental control method, take into account that your child will know when you are following them. Specifically, they receive notifications on their phone. Another thing to remember is that the map’s location is not always accurate.

How to Track an iPhone’s Location Using ‘Find my iPhone’

There are also several requirements for tracking iOS devices. For example, accounts must be linked to the same Apple ID and have Location Services enabled.

To see their child’s iPhone on a map, parents need to go to http://icloud.com/, log in with iTunes credentials, and hit the Find my iPhone button.

It is worth noting that some users are talking about a jumping location point. It usually means that an iPhone is trying to determine a more accurate location or cannot do it. If the point has not stopped jumping after uploading the page, it is impossible to determine the child’s iPhone accurately.

Best parental control apps to monitor kids phone without them knowing

The parental control app is designed specifically for caring family members who want to prevent threats and stay updated around the clock. To put it shortly, a net nanny allows you to determine a child’s device location and view browser history, social media chats, calls, text messages, and contacts. Moreover, parents can manage their child’s device as their own. This way, mums and dads can block apps, limit screen time, protect their kids from adult content, etc.

Now you may want to look at the advanced offers for parental controls, which include all the critical features for monitoring a child’s whereabouts and much more.


mSpy is a unique parental control app that is in demand in 180 countries around the world. This solution differs from others in a large set of features allowing parents to track every click on a child’s phone, whether an iPhone or Android phone. So, specifically for location tracking, this app offers Current location and Geo-Fencing.

  • Current GPS location. You just need to hit this button on the intuitive dashboard to see detailed information about your child’s location. Here the location data is available in the list and map view. So, when you select a list, you see the latitude, longitude, measured geolocation accuracy, address, location time, and location history. But if you want to check a place on the map, you can select Map View.
  • Geo-Fencing. With this tool, parents can know when a child enters certain zones. The way it works is that parents set specific zones in the app, and the software sends a notification if the target phone enters them.

What are mSpy benefits?

First, users need no more than a few minutes of access to the target device to install the software. Second, you do not need IT skills to navigate the control panel quickly. This applies to both Android and iOS apps. And finally, there is no need to jailbreak or root a target device unless you want to use all the features mSpy offers. 

Best choice
5 / 5.0
Money back :
30 days

Unlike other solutions, the mSpy app lets you access many features on an unrooted or non-jailbroken device.

mSpy pros

  • affordable and reliable solution
  • detailed reports about real-time location
  • updating child’s location in a five-minute interval
  • easy-to-navigate interactive map
  • 24/7 technical support

mSpy cons

  • rooting or jailbreaking is required for full use
  • additional subscriptions for tracking multiple devices

As for other tools, mSpy has the function to manage screen time, limit access to other applications, block websites through the web filter, monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Twitter, Telegram, Viber, etc.


uMobix is another commonly used monitoring app for tracking your child’s every step. Users recommend this net nanny because they consider it better than similar apps in location tracking and monitoring performance. Like mSpy, uMobix is available for iPhone and Android phones, working in stealth mode on any device. To track your child’s locations, the app has GPS-Location and Geofinder.

  • GPS-Location. In addition to information about your child’s location, including exact address, date, time and maps, you can see recently visited places and thus learn about your child’s recent activity.
4.9 / 5.0
Money back :
15 days

Geofinder. This is an app of uMobix, the uniqueness of which lies in the ability to monitor the child’s location by phone number. Moreover, the solution gives an unlimited number of location requests. But more details about this product are available below.

What are uMobix benefits?

This parental control app exceeds expectations in terms of value for money. That is, even though this product is affordable, it is not inferior to other applications. As for location tracking, the software works smoothly and gives accurate information about the kid’s phone location.

uMobix pros

  • user-friendly interface
  • affordable pricing plans
  • simple setup
  • remote installation for iOS devices

uMobix cons

  • one subscription per one device
  • iOS features are limited compared to Android
  • no free version

Along with the ability to monitor a child’s phone, uMobix offers remote tracking of all the apps on a child’s smartphone, real-time monitoring through camera and microphone access, navigating the Instagram home page, and keylogger.

Track child’s cell phone Location With Just A Message

Tracking your kid’s location is sometimes possible without physical cell phone access, software installations, and location requests.

Try mSpy for free

GEOfinder remotely tracks location by phone number, so parents need to send an SMS with a clickable link. By the way, you can edit the message that your child will receive. So, soon as your kid follows it, the platform synchronises the location with your account, and the information becomes available. However, if the target user does not follow the link, then this method does not work.

It is worth noting that GEOfinder provides information about both the current location and location history. However, unlike other apps for tracking someone’s phone, it doesn’t offer tools for monitoring social media platforms or restricting access to other apps. In other words, it’s suitable for those needing a phone tracker but nothing more.

How to track child’s location With Phone Number

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how GEOfinder works:

  1. Create an account at geofinder.mobi
  2. Send a message to the target cell phone from the GEOfinder app by selecting one of the three options offered by the app
  3. If you want to change the message, then make sure you don’t remove the %link% at the end of the message
  4. Enter the child’s phone number and send a message
  5. Your child opens the message and clicks on the link attached
  6. You start taking care of your child’s safety by keeping track of their smartphone

Perhaps the fifth step is one of the most challenging, but usually, curious children do it without hesitation. 

Hack telephone with eyeZy software

4.8 / 5.0
Money back :
15 days

So, now you finally see a big map on the screen with the kid’s phone location. This monitoring app gives highly accurate data, so you can easily rely on it. On the page, you also see information about the child’s previous locations, which can be checked on the map by clicking “View Map”. Other information includes the device’s phone number, date, time, longitude, latitude, and map view.


So, spy apps are a reliable and proven way to track the location of your child’s smartphone. However, the functionality of the application does not end there. Namely, this net nanny can become your powerful child protection weapon, giving you access to your kid’s smartphone contents. Thus, you get a lot of superpowers – from controlling a child’s avatar to the ability to set limits on the kid’s location or screen time.

In a word, the spy app is your SOS button for emergencies your child may get into.

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