Phonotonic – Don’t Make Music – Be Music!


Control the beat, the melody, and sound effects just by moving with Phonotonic: the object tracks the way you move, talks to the app using bluetooth, and our award-winning technologies turn these movements into music in real time.

It is the new musical experience for everyone. Create and make music in a simple and powerful way!

Split melody and rhythm on two Phonotonics for more fun and challenges, alone or with your friends.

You can choose music from our catalog, play it with Phonotonic and discover music artists in a completely different way.

Take the sensor from the object and place it somewhere else – such as in your sock – then rock out!

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Formely known as “Interactive Music Battle”, the product gives a new lease on life with a new name, Phonotonic! The new design is refined and enigmatic. It was carried out by French designer Xavier Houy, also behind QOOQ tablet and Sens.e Mother, from an Alix Paoli creation. Phonotonic is made in France.

Compatible devices with Phonotonic:

All the devices with Bluetooth 4.0.


– iPhone 4s, 5, 5s & 5c, 6 & 6Plus

– iPad (Air, Mini, 3rd to 5th generation) & iPod Touch (5th generation)

Android (Available soon)

About Us

Phonotonic was founded by Nicolas Rasamimanana and was developed by a group of musicians, engineers, designers and researchers, frustrated by the time it takes to simply make music. It is the fruit of ten years of extensive research at IRCAM, the world-leading lab in music and sound technology, working on new ways of making music with professional musicians. Phonotonic now brings this technology to a broader audience, bringing it to you.