Monkey KID Sensor was created for parents, by parents.

As parents, nothing matters more than protecting your kids and keeping them safe. At the same time, kids are rapidly growing free-spirits that want to run and play and explore. In today's topsy-turvy world, how can we give them the independence they need while keep a tight leash and watchful eye — all without constantly hovering over them?

We created Monkey KID Sensor so that parents can let their kids act freely in public spaces, but remain wirelessly connected to them. Using beacon technology, the Monkey app makes sure your kids are close and in sight at all times. Parents can take a break from their children by playing on mobile casino in devices or using casino app. Choose a licensed casino suitable for you and enjoy the game.

Monkey KID Sensor is the easiest way for a parent to monitor their children.

A simple, friendly interface

We made the technology simple to use.

Works with multiple children or pets

Add as many sensors as you'd like.

Track some or all at the same time.

Clear notifications

The app triggers clear notifications in real-time with the proximity of each child.


Tweak your sensitivity settings to your comfort level.

Identify your Monkey beacons with names and photos.