Kids wander.

Monkey keeps what matters most to you close.


Monkey uses beacon technology to create a wireless bond to your child. So, you can let them wander but ensure they don't stray too far.

The Monkey app creates a wireless bond with your child.

As your monkeys play, Monkey keeps an eye on them.

If your monkey strays too far, you're alerted fast.

Monkey is the easiest way for parents to monitor a child's proximity.


A simple, friendly interface
We made complex sensor technology as simple to use as possible.

Clear notifications
The app triggers notifications the second your Monkey strays too far, so you can respond quickly and keep them safe.

At a glance proximity
We show you how strong the signal to your child's beacon is in real time.

Works with multiple children (or pets!)
Add as many sensors as you'd like and track some or all at the same time.

Identify your Monkey beacons with names and photos, and tweak your sensitivity settings to make it perfect for you.



Monkey works by using a wearable bluetooth KID sensor and downloading our App on iTunes. Get started.


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