Jul 1, 2022

How to Monitor Your Child’s Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

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Monitor Your Child’s Snapchat

Social media platforms have become an integral part of modern life, and even children are used to interacting with their friends with the help of social mobile apps. Some may argue about whether it is good or bad, but it is a well-known fact that children will continue using social media platforms even if their parents do not encourage it.

Children may feel under pressure to join social media networking sites because they think they are “cool” or because of peer pressure. Actually, the websites don’t pose any hazards that aren’t already there online.

 Snapchat Is It Safe for Kids?

The risk is that your child may not be comfortable with the new online environment where the hazards are present. Similar to the majority of potential internet risks, issues can arise if your youngster doesn’t take adequate care of their personal information.

By using social media apps, children may be endangered because of such risks as privacy invasion, identity fraud, viewing offensive material, and chatting with strangers who may have ill-intent.

What Is Snapchat, and Is It Safe for Kids?

Snapchat app, or simply “Snap” is a mobile app for Android or iOS, primarily created for private one-on-one photo sharing.

Snapchat continuously changes their functions and now a user may not only share their photos but also send videos, chatting, messaging, creating animated Bitmoji avatars, and broadcasting a chronological story to their friends.

The app is a well-known because of its funny filters which Snapchat always update by adding something new.

It means that when person comes back to Snap, they can always find new engaging filters for their photos such as a rainbow hair, glasses and freckles, or teddy bear ears; girls can try different make-up or haircuts.

snapchat for parental control

Another unique feature of Snapchat is that a person can share their photos instantly and they will be available to a receiver for only a short period of time. Such a quality aims to develop a natural flow of interactions between users.

snapchat feature

Snapchat is one of the most downloaded apps among teens. According to the company’s terms, the user must be a minimum of 13 years old.

However, they do not verify this information about their users. So, parents need to check whether their kids who are fewer than 13 years old use this app, as even such an innocent application may be dangerous for kids.

Snapstreaks’ Addiction              

Most parents do not pay much attention to what their kids are doing online, but children often become addicted to Snapstreaks on Snapchat. Snapstreaks, or “streaks” is a built-in feature that counts the days you’ve communicated with another user, sending at least one interaction every 24 hours.

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For example, when a person sends a message, video, or photo to a friend, it becomes highlighted with a flame icon and records the days in the streak through the snapchat window. If a friend does not respond, then it disappears.

snapchat chat

Some think it shows how communicative the person is, but kids often become addicted to counting these streaks. There are cases when children gave access to their accounts to other people just to keep these streaks when they were for example, travelling or at camp and couldn’t do it on their own.

Strangers Can Make Screenshots of Your Child’s Posts

Kids are sure that the photos they share with others will disappear forever. Even though the photos are available for a short period of time, other followers may make screenshots and use them for any purpose as in any other social media apps. There is always a risk that a photo from your child’s Snapchat may be seen by a stranger who could screen it and use it with ill-intent.

snapchat video

Bullying on Snapchat

Another danger is bullying on Snapchat. As soon as photos disappear, they can’t be checked. So, it is quite difficult to find out what the content was sent or received. Such a feature simplifies the possibility to send content of inappropriate character, thereby initiating bullying through kids phone.

Does Snapchat Offer Parental Controls?

Recently, Snapchat offered a new feature for parental control, which is called “Family Center.” This feature allows parents to know who their child friends are and with whom they were chatting during the last seven days. But, parents will not see the content of these chats.

Snapchat Offer Parental Controls

To start snapchat monitoring, parents need to send an invitation to their kids to the new in-app Family Center. The recipient has the choice to accept the invitation or decline it.

Snapchat respects the privacy of its users and encourages parents not to spy for their child’s Snapchat but to speak with them about parental control apps and discuss the rules of using these features.

The parental app also provides privacy settings which allow choosing who can contact or share content with a user. Moreover, a child can always inform about inappropriate content they receive from other people.

Can We Set Up “Parental Controls” On Snapchat?

There are a number of ways to set up “many parental control apps” on Snapchat to gaining access to a child’s Snapchat.

Set Up “Parental Controls” On Snapchat


First of all, parents need to change the contact setting to “My Friends” on their child’s phone. To apply this, it is necessary to open the profile page, click on the gear icon, choose Contact Me, and ensure that My Friends is chosen.

After this, return to the Who Can section, click on View My Story, and choose My Friends. After these changes, only your child’s friends could view your child’s snapchat activity.


Secondly, parents need to deactivate “Show Me in Quick Add”. This feature is designed to promote your child’s online activities to other followers, especially to unknown ones.

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Deactivating this feature will help to avoid undesirable contacts on a child’s account. To do this, you need to go to your child’s profile, tap on the gear icon, then on See Me in Quick Add and turn off the feature.


Parents can also enable ghost mode to prevent location sharing. To keep friends from being able to see your child’s location, go to your child’s profile page, tap on the gear symbol, tap on See My Location, and then ensure that Ghost Mode is approved.


Make sure people can’t find your child’s phone by number. Open your kid’s profile page, tap on the gear picture, tap on Mobile Number, and uncheck “Let others find me using my mobile number.”


Snapchat enables its users to report offensive content and inappropriate behavior. So, the best way to protect your child is to teach them to report Snapchat posts with explicit content.

To do this, a child should tap and hold on a Snapchat post, and then they will see a flag icon that will offer to report the post.


And last but not the least, any user can delete their account in case they are not satisfied with the app’s service or simply do not want to be their user.

Snapchat will deactivate your account for 30 days, so you will have an opportunity to bring back to profile in case you changed your mind.

Snapchat Parental Monitoring Without Their Phone Is It Possible?

To monitor your child’s login history on Snapchat, you may also use spy apps for parental control. Usually, to use these apps, you need to install them on the target phone. After getting log-in information, you may monitor the profile’s activity through your parental control on your device.

Your child will never know about Snapchat monitoring as after installment it promptly enters stealth mode. With the help of spy apps, you could monitor your child’s Snapchat data, including reading messages and seeing which photo and video content your child shares with other users.

Snapchat Parental Monitoring

What is the Best Way to Monitor Snapchat on Android?

One of the best parental control apps to monitor Snapchat account for android phone is the mSpy app.

This parental control app allows users to monitor messages, including vanished ones, published in the wrong way, and shared content on their Android phones. MSpy aims to notify owners about inappropriate or abusive text messages on Snapchat.

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To install this monitoring app, you need to go to their website and create an account. After choosing your preferred plan and paying for it, you will get an installation guide on your email. As soon as you complete an installation, you can monitor your child’s Snapchat.


MSpy parental app offers a number of benefits for monitoring Snapchat, including GPS tracking, social media monitoring, screen recording, and keylogging. These features allow parents to conveniently track the child’s device and be informed about any offensive material their child may receive.

parental app mspy


 However, the biggest disadvantages of using parental control app are that extra support requires additional payment and that it sets monitoring limits to only three devices.

This monitoring app provides different subscription plans and levels, and on the one hand, it means that you won’t receive full features in one plan, but on the other hand it is an opportunity for you to choose what features you need.

What is the Best Way to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone

One of the most popular monitoring apps for iOS devices is the  uMobix app. You can keep an eye on your child’s smartphone with the help of the parental monitoring software uMobix.

uMobix allows you to monitor media files transferred to the child phone, view every action on such a device, and obtain screenshots of your child’s sent images, even if they have already been deleted.

Why uMobix is the Best App for iPhone?

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It is the best Snapchat spy for many parents because it can be installed without requiring a jailbreak.

You may remotely install uMobix on iOS-based mobiles as all that is required throughout the installation procedure is the target smartphone’s iCloud credentials.

uMobix is the Best App for iPhone

The UMobix app allows you to monitor all uploaded Snaps, see the time when they were posted, and read one-on-one chats.

Additionally, with this app, you can easily track deleted messages on your child’s account.

The program makes it simple to keep an eye on a variety of features on the target device, including text messages, web activity, cell phone logs, and GPS location tracking.


One of the software advantages is that the parental control app has a simple dashboard. It allows you to quickly find the necessary features and not waste your time on searching for how to use them.

Additionally, it provides precise social media monitoring. The app takes screenshots of social media on your child’s phone, including Snapchat, every 5-6 seconds. So, you will never miss any fraudulent activity on your child’s account.


The app also has a number of disadvantages. UMobix significantly impacts the battery consumption, resulting in the heating up of your mobile phone. Using this app, you will need to charge your battery more often.

As soon as uMobix can be used by both Android and iOS users, some features will be accessible only for Android while others will be accessible only for iOS. So, you won’t receive all the features on one device. However, the company continuously works on the app’s improvements, so this issue may be soon resolved.


Social media apps can be dangerous for a child as using them other users may send offensive material to your kid. Besides, your child could also be an online abuser. As more and more young kids become users of such social mobile apps as Snapchat, parents become solely responsible for educating and protecting their kids from the dangers of virtual life.

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On the one hand, Snapchat helps your child to socialize and get more friends but on the other hand, they may become victims of online predators. It is important for you as a parent to notice the addiction to Snapchat and limit using this social mobile app on time.

Besides, setting limits is not enough. There is always a need for an explanation for your kid on why it is so dangerous to get used to Snapstreaks.

Parents also need to learn their offsprings of how to safely use the Snapchat app and report inappropriate behavior. Only by detecting online dangers, it is possible to ensure that your kids are safe.

To become acquainted with your child’s snapchat activity, you may use parental control, which is called “Family Center,” or spy apps such as mSpy for Android or uMobix for iOS.

Both Snapchat parental controls allow you to monitor your child’s activity on Snapchat, including seeing messaging and shared content. By using them, you will always be notified about suspicious and fraudulent activity on your kid’s account.

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Why Do I Need to Monitor Snapchat?

You need to monitor child’s activities on Snapchat to make sure that your child is not trapped in bullying and that they do not share or receive offensive messages. By monitoring your child’s account, you can stop abusive activity on time.

Are These Apps Free or Paid?

Both Snapchat parental controls are paid. For mSPy, you will need to pay from $11-$48 depending on whether you need a basic or premium plan. And for uMobix, you will need to pay $12-$50.

Are There Parental Control Features Within Snapchat?

Yes, Snapchat recently offered a new feature for its control panel, which is called “Family Center.” However, this feature does not allow you to monitor Snapchat messages and shared content without your child’s confirmation. You may use mSPy or uMobix in case you don’t want your child to know about it.

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