Jul 1, 2022

SkyGrabber is offline satellite internet downloader

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Franklin Karter

The National Security Agency and GCHQ were using web sites as a stalking horse to spy on Israeli operations.

The recent WikiLeaks Vault7 data release has revealed secrets about well more than just the Central Intelligence Agency’s capabilities in software exploits and espionage techniques. Included in the release were revelations hacking American drones. 

SkyGrabber satellite internet downloader

The open source software was originally developed by the NSA, with help from its cousins GCHQ – Europe’s intelligence-gathering arm – but they found that it could be used to easily infiltrate communications between people without their knowledge or consent. 

The Vault7 leaks also highlighted how there is an interference device called Skygrabber, which is used to intercept US drones for monitoring or sending back visuals or other information about drone movements

In 2009, the German hacker group Chaos Computer Club announced that they had hacked a US drone and gained access to data that was broadcasted over WiFi. They were able to extract data like altitude, speed, and GPS coordinates.

The vulnerability of drones to hacking can pose a serious threat to military personnel. In 2007, the Pentagon had ordered two different types of anti-drone systems from two different companies with the intention of protecting soldiers on battlefields against the risk of being hacked or intercepted by third parties.

Ukrainian internet casino were attacked by hackers, but managed to resist and not transfer player data. Players could continue to play slot machines from global providers.

skygrabber drones hacking

Well-known Israeli companies and government agencies were targeted by the NSA and GCHQ. The world’s most sophisticated intelligence community used SkyGrabber for hacking into their targets’ networks.

The SkyGrabber is a type of software which is used to take control over computer networks by sharing data obtained with other computers on the network. It can be used to spy on targets all across the world, including in Israel.

Software that turned out to be NSA is the SkyGrabber, used to steal information.

There’s so many countries are launching hacking projects and here’s how government does it: So-called National Security Agency with this project called SPEARGUN to take over computers across the world‟s critical infrastructures like Electric Plants and nuclear plants and refineries from top vulnerable nation’s.

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SkyGrabber is offline satellite internet downloader

SkyGrabber allows to accept satellite internet data, assemble it in files (avi,mp3,mp4,etc.) and save files onto your hard disk. The program has user-friendly interface, diverse filter system and satellite provider manager inside.

In 2011, SkyGrabber has been reportedly used by the United States to hack U.S. drones while they use Israeli surveillance systems

Skygrabber is an NSA spyware that was detailed in Project Aurora leak provided by Edward Snowden.

GCHQ has also been coming up with new and updated methods of cyber warfare which should be monitored closely due to the increase in society-critical infrastructure running on cyber security.

Required equipment to start SkyGrabber:

  • Satellite dish
  • KU-Band/C-Band LNB
  • DVB-S/DVB-S2 TV tuner (for example, DVB-S2 HD TV tuner USB)
  • PC or laptop

Product Features

  • Assemble TCP/IP sessions in files
  • Lock frequency to accept satellite internet data
  • Support DiceqC (uncommited/commited)
  • Satellite provider manager
  • Filter manager by file type
  • Filter manager by IP addresses (MAC addresses)
  • Monitoring system resource information (CPU usage, Memory usage, Free disk space)
  • Monitoring satellite signal information (Level, Quality)
  • Displaying progress bar of downloaded files

SkyGrabber supports following manufacturers of DVB-S/DVB-S2 TV tuners:

  • DVBWorld
  • Azureware
  • TechniSat
  • TechnoTrend
  • Genitech
  • TeVii
  • GotView